«Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.»
Albert Einstein


Attorney at law Kirill Shefer has a broad international education, acquired from top institutions in Israel and abroad, alongside extensive professional experience.

Being fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew, in addition to complete devotion to his clients’ affairs, allows adv. Shefer to represent the interests of both his Israeli and foreign clients with the utmost effectiveness.

  • Adv. Kirill Shefer was born in Moscow, Russia and made “aliyah” in 1991.

    Adv. Shefer is a graduate of the Haifa University Faculty of Law (LL.B.) and received his European Master in Law and Economics (LL.M.) degree both from the University of Bologna, Italy and the University of Hamburg, Germany.

    Throughout his academic studies, he was engaged in various volunteering activities. Among other things he served as a youth counselor at the “open apartments” project belonging to the Haifa University Student Deanship, volunteered with the “Elem” association and with the “Fight against poverty” movement while providing free legal services in a variety of fields.

  • It was due to adv. Shefer’s academic achievements, alongside his obvious contribution to the community, that he was chosen to represent Haifa University in an exchange program with the Suffolk University Law School, Boston, U.S.A. where adv. Shefer got acquainted with the U.S. legal system alongside gaining practical experience working with the U.S. court system.

    Upon completing his bachelor degree in legal studies (LL.B.), he was admitted to the prestigious European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) program from which he successfully graduated receiving a double master’s degree (LL.M.) from both the University of Bologna, Italy and the University of Hamburg, Germany and prepared a thesis (PDF).

  • After completing his internship with one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of commercial litigation, corporate law and real estate he was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association.

    Within the first years after being admitted to the Israeli Bar and until he founded his firm, adv. Shefer worked as an associate at one Israel’s leading law firms in the field of commercial litigation, administrative law, corporate law, labor law and real estate, and gained substantial experience in these fields and many others.

    Adv. Shefer is completely fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew.


Adv. Kirill Shefer has extensive experience in the following legal fields (among others):

  • Business litigation

    Managing complex litigation proceedings in all instances, with an emphasis on business conflict litigation and arbitration between corporations and private entities, as well as administrative law.

  • Corporate law

    Corporation & Association registration and general legal counsel. Preparation and registration of all initial shareholder agreements, general legal consulting, managing annual and periodical company meetings, representation before the court and regulatory authorities, liquidation (voluntary or through the court).

  • Commercial contracting

    Preparation and enforcement of various commercial agreements, such as and especially:

    • Hi-tech, Bio-tech, IP
    • Copyrights
    • Concessionaire
    • Distribution
    • Agency
    • International / National Trade and Exclusivity.
  • Real Estate

    Apartment sale and purchase both in the second hand and new apartment sector, private and commercial lease agreements, combination transactions, TAMA 38, evacuation and construction (“Pinuy Binuy”) and purchase groups (“Kvuzot Rechisha”).

  • Labor

    Representing employees and employers in various labor disputes, such as: unlawful termination and voluntary resignation, discrimination, refusal to reimburse the employee for overtime and collective disputes between management and worker unions.

  • Business oriented legal consulting:

    Providing general and commercial business oriented legal consulting to businessmen, companies and various organizations in Israel and abroad, in all areas of civil and corporate law, such as: contractual negotiations, mergers , acquisitions, debt collection, labor law, etc.

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